The Peralta-Ruth Map
©  Copyright 1998 Onetavera/John Ramses

One of the three maps which guided the Peralta miners to the Sombrero Mines, and ultimately, Dr. Adolf Ruth to his death.

Known as the Peralta-Ruth map, this copy, first published in the book,Superstition Mountain: A Ride Through Time , by author/historian James Swanson, has proved to be the correct map of the many facsimiles available to the treasure hunter. This copy is one of three maps owned by Dr. Adolf Ruth, who in 1931, lost his life while searching for the famous Lost Dutchman Mine (Peralta/Sombrero Mines) in the formidable Superstition Range in 1931. Left is a copy which author John Ramses used to locate the landmarks and solve the riddle of the location of the Sombrero Mines.

Of special interest, this map does not show the location of any mines, as one would expect, but rather it shows only the location of the tunnel.  This was strange until it was decided that the map's intention was to show the importance of this tunnel, and not the mines. Could this tunnel be where the Peralta miners cached their gold ore just shortly before making a hasty retreat from the Apache?