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Show: Darkness Radio

Join hosts David Schrader and Tim Dennis every Sunday evening as they lead you on a journey into the world of unexplained phenomena with their weekly program; The Darkness On The Edge of Town. Based in the Minnesota but streaming their show all over the world they cover every aspect of the paranormal; from ghosts to UFO activity and more. Each week they speak with experts in every field to bring you the latest and most up to date stories and dig deeper into classic and familiar tales and urban legends. Darkness on The Edge of Town promises to deliver interesting and thought provoking topics each week. The show will be available in its entirety every Monday morning to download so you can replay the show on this site to listen to at your leisure.

Show Hosts:
Dave Schrader - Host of Darkness RadioDave Schrader - Originally from Illinois Dave has been a resident of Minnesota since 1988 when he attended Winona State College and fell in love with the beauty and people of this great state. With the growing interest in the world of the unknown on TV, the movies and literature building each day, Dave and Tim decided to bring their unique views and experiences to the radio. Dave has had an active interest in the paranormal since early in his childhood when he was visited by the spirit of his deceased grandmother. Continued activity and experiences has kept this passion alive. He is a contributing writer to TAPS Paramagazine and now he hopes to explore and learn with you each week as we delve deeper into The Darkness On The Edge Of Town.
Tim Dennis - Host and technician for Darkness RadioTim Dennis - Tim is a life time resident of Minnesota, he grew up in Blaine and attended Winona State University where he studied Mass Communication and Radio Broadcasting. He later graduated from Brown College in 1993. Tim has continued working in radio behind the scenes as Operations Manager of KLBB/KLBP radio and his voice can often be heard in commericals. Tim's interest in the paranormal also stems from his youth with dream visitations from dead relatives. Although the more skeptical of the 2, Tim remains open minded and willing to explore many possibilities. His grounded nature helps keep Dave in check. Tune in weekly to share in their experiences in The Darkness on The Edge Of Town.


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Darkness Radio is heard every weekday via the Ghost Radio Live Stream. Ghost Radio repeats various Darkness Radio archives at intervals throughout the week and weekend. Listen to Ghost Radio Network to hear the best of Darkness Radio
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Sunday 10pm (EST) USA
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