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The symbol of 11:11 is a complex symbol having multiple related meanings and purposes. From the outset, 11:11 is a symbol that announces that a particular change is eminent and that a new course in your destiny has been prepared. It is also a symbol of chaos because the moment of change is marked by the shifting of one pattern - or way / state of being - into another. When you see 11:11, either after thinking of someone or something, or preceding or during a personal event, you are being told that a certain variable has been introduced into your life that will alter it somehow. 11:11 is almost always meant for and experienced by the 'First Wave' Starborn who are also Warriors for the true righteousness, much as the Knights Templars were in the beginning of their Order; the codes they lived by are embedded in the DNA and are not so much a belief system as it is an instinctive way of responding to circumstances of this world.

This code is within all Starborn and governs our lives instinctively. It does not matter what, if any, religion one is indoctrinated into (religion is manmade with political motivation) the genetic code supercedes any and all manmade doctrines - but you have a choice not to follow your instincts and succumb to social and peer pressure. This code is encoded into our very DNA and into what is commonly referred to as the 'Junk' DNA. The 'Junk' DNA contains the programs and scripts which are directly related to the Mind and Emotion of an individual, not physical characteristic. It determines, I believe, who is Starborn, who is Darkborn and Everyone Else. It is closely connected to the 'soul' element and whether one has a 'conscience' or not.

Within the Code are many 'modules' containing individual packets of information, each correlating to life and the treatment of all living things and how we respond to our environment - both locally and globally. A Starborn is repelled by injustice or abuse to the innocent and the helpless while a Darkborn revels in it. The Darkborn find pleasure and power in performing belittling and cruel acts. A Starborn loathes such things instinctively. To learn of or witness such acts embroils us in rage. BUT as far as the war between the Starborn and Darkborn are concerned, a Starborn is not a passive push-over. On the contrary, we are designed to fight fire with fire when needed. We have no problem inflicting justice and retribution against the aggressor, particularly against those who who support, condone or are directly responsible for acts of oppression, enslavement, inhumanity, etc.

The Code also gives the Starborn an ability to detect not only Darkborn but other Starborn. We are repulsed or repelled away from association with Darkborn while at the same time we are drawn to the Starborn - our own kind. One thing I have noticed is that the Darkborn don't seem to be instinctively aware of the Starborn when we meet. They learn who we are instead by our actions. I've encountered many Darkborn, as I'm sure you have also, but rather than possessing a negative reaction to us they seem to almost want to be in our presence. Perhaps it is the power they feel from us. Or, it might be that they hope to befriend us in order to try and corrupt us. I'm not certain about which. Another thing I've noticed about Darkborn through the years is their lack of intellect, despite the fact that many Darkborn reign in high positions of political, religious and social influence. They are almost Neanderthal-ish in their thinking and behavior and their actions are predictable as their lies are transparent.

We've all encountered people in our life who seem to thrive on causing misery to others whether human, plant or animal. These people seem to lack a 'conscience' that make us human - or should make us human, rather. These individuals commit acts from an early age that seem so appalling as to not have words to explain. I've known children in my youth who enjoyed torturing animals for kicks. One such individual eventually grew up to murder several people in cold blood while robbing a service station in San Jose, California. Mind you, this individual's parents were much the same. One might think, as psychology would teach, that this trait was simply handed down through some never-ending cycle of abuse. Perhaps. But when you look closer and sense these individuals with your intuitive senses, more often than not you will find a strange feeling difficult to explain but one which leaves you believing they possess some 'evil' resonance about them as if the core of their 'humanity' is missing from the gene pool. I would like to say they are 'soul-less', but I believe even the Darkborn have souls. In their case the behavior is more to do with genetic programming than whether or not some part of them exists after death. Furthermore, I have been told that these Darkborn have a unique aura nearly the color of blood. But since I can't see auras myself I can only guess that perhaps they are correct.

Like two opposing ends of a magnet the Starborn react the same way toward the Darkborn. We indeed seem to have opposing polarization. You just instinctively know their is something not right or good about them and hope to move away as quickly as possible. A Starborn can detect them when they walk into a room. Seasoned Starborn - who are aware of who they are - can detect the Darkborn across many miles, on TV, News or even in some remote location. Further, a Starborn can detect even when Darkborn are thinking of them or conspiring upon some evil event. It's similar to the same ability used in dowsing or remote viewing. Some Starborn - myself among them - have waged draining psychic battles with the Darkborn in order to foil their plans or ward off a life-altering attack. Starborn feel their foreboding energies which can cause depression and anxiety in us. The feeling of some impending disaster is not necessarily a premonition of war, earthquakes and such but is, instead, a direct connection to their anti-matter-like thought process as the plan against humanity. One reason for prescribed mind-numbing drugs offered so relentlessly to the populous is top numb our senses from them and our ability to recognize their dirty deeds.

For the person who sees 11:11 this symbol has a deep and profound feeling to it that seems to emanate from deep within the soul or echo from a long forgotten memory - perhaps genetic memory. 11:11 does not necessarily have to be a ‘time’ displayed on a clock. In fact, the symbol can just as easily be acknowledged as four vertical ‘bars’ or lines ( |||| ). However, the two ‘dots’ or 'colon', as it were, that separate the two ‘bars’ as displayed on digital clocks 'feel' to have a certain purpose. When 11:11 is seen in conjunction with the 'dots' it will create a deeper reaction within the psyche than when the bars are displayed without them.

The reason for this may be rooted in antiquity. In Mayan counting the symbol for the number 'eleven is written as:

We should remember that not only were the Mayans relentless and accurate time keepers but it is also their calendar and legends that point to the date of 2012 as a period when Time ends and Time begins again; the end of this world and the beginning of the new world. Their calendar and legends have been the foundation for all the buzz about the year '2012'. Furthermore, it is believed that the Mayan culture was founded by Thoth (Quatzequatel), the Egyptian god who gave writing, letters, music, astronomy and numbers to mankind. In olden days, just as with Hebrew letters today, each letter-symbol was an archetype containing a greater meaning. So, we have an advanced Mayan culture whose symbol for 'eleven' is two bars and a dot and a calendar that points to a year of 2012 as the ending of one world and the beginning of a new world.

Too many people look upon the Mayans as some kind of super-intelligent and spiritual race. Perhaps at one time, but like all societies and cultures, they too, ultimately became corrupted from having too much for too long. The bloody wars and human sacrifices marked the last period of the once great era. Such events often are the harbingers of cultural collapse. The sciences and calendar were not created during this period but much earlier while the culture was still pure. Likewise, there are many who look upon Atlantis as some mystical salvation of future generations without remembering that Atlantis fell during a similar period of warmongering and spiritual corruption - as will the mighty nations of today. I have long stated that civilizations collapse under the weight of their own ambition.

The Spanish conquest of Mexico was solely responsible for destroying nearly all records and artifacts of the Mayan as well as the Aztec, whose own calendar is a watered down version of the Mayan calendar system. Much more about this enigmatic date could have been learned if it weren't for greed and self-righteous 'Christian' zealots determined to mold the world and humanity into its own image. Nonetheless, we can still glean fragments of information concerning the 'end times' and 2012 through other cultures such as the Hopi, Tibetans, Asians and others who have also retained legends of an 'end-time'. But, it is interesting to note the Mayan number for 'eleven' is similar to what so many people today are experiencing through the symbol of 11:11 on digital clocks, not to mention that the clock would be an appropriate medium to display a message / symbol concerning 'Time' ending and 'Time' beginning.

The Mayan symbol for the number 11:11 would be displayed as thus:

If someone would want to create a symbol for when one thing ends and another thing begins, they would likely show the symbols reversed of each other. Therefore, 'eleven-eleven' in Mayan would be written as thus:

Actually, the symbol would represent 'positive eleven' (+11) and 'minus eleven' (-11) with Zero (0) in between them (referring to the zero-point of time which would act, in this instance, similarly to zero-point in physics). This is the world we are in and the world coming with Chaos in between - the changing of something into something else. A cocoon would be an analogy of a chaos, darkness or zero-point between a caterpillar and a butterfly

Everything in my research and experience over the last 30 years, including an elaborate 'Stargate calendar' which came to be in dreams from 1988 to 1990, seems to be about 'reversals' and 'opposites' (more on this here).

Learning to decode 11:11 (as well as the Stargate) required living life and observing situations which became as living parables. It is, therefore, a long process to decoding and understanding 11:11 and the other number-symbols we commonly see. But I feel this is designed this way. Certain events must occur before we can understand the meaning embedded within the symbol. In short, 11:11 is a symbol of change. More notably, it represents the 'Chaos' within the moment of change. For here, between to opposing energies of positive and negative lays the spirit of creation. Creation is not the result of something but rather the making of something. two wires of negative and positive (heaven and earth), when placed in approximate contact with each other will create an 'arc' of energy. Commonly we use this reaction to create light. The light energy occurring between the two forces is the spirit of creation. The 11:11 symbol is directly related to 2012 when this world (presumably) ends and a new world begins. We experience 11:11 in association with subtle or major changes in our daily lives as 'living parables' through which to decode the symbol. This is why most people believe - and rightfully so - that 11:11 has something to do with 'change'. More correctly, it has to do with the creation experience occurring between the change - between what was and what is yet to be. This moment is Chaos, where anything is possible and nothing has form. It is ' In the beginning....' of a new world being made, either in a personal life or, ultimately, on a global / stellar level.

The changes we experience now in daily life is only to teach us to recognize the real event of 2012 and thus - also through living examples - learn to prepare for it. The earth and even the solar system and galaxy, seem to be also preparing for the change. Indeed, it is not just our little spec of rock and H2o that is going through the change. We think it is because of our minute view. I've long maintained that Global Warming was caused but some unknown cycle and not by our pollution. But marketing global warming as being caused by industrialization has given governments and corporations a new domain with which to point fingers and pursue fear while evading the real issue - that the world as we know it will likely end in 2012 (at the current rate of bio-decay). We know the event of global warming is at least solar-system wide for the ice caps on mars are receding rapidly, also. As Whitley Strieber pointed out during an Interview with with William Henry and Jim Marrs, 'There's only one car on mars....and its electric!'. Also, the sun should be at its quietest right now (2005). Instead its been more active than if it were at the peak of its eleven-year cycle. (Why eleven years to the sun cycle?)

If the entire event of 2012 were to be drawn symbolically it would look very much as this:

2011 - 2012 - 0001

The green area are the 'Worlds', both this one and the one to come. The violet symbol (which is also reminiscent of the Orion/Osiris constellation) is the symbol of the mergence of the two 'worlds'. The blue circle denotes the center-point between the two world 'patterns' known as 'Chaos' where nothing seems to have any order or design at all. This point, I believe, is 2012. The blue line is the direction of linear Time as we travel through into a new world and of course, 11:11 is the symbol we are all familiar with. It is a 'reversal' of each other and suggests that the world coming will not be materialistic but spiritual or intellectual (for those who live through it).

From the onset 11:11 is a sign of eminent change, or more precisely, it is a point within the change itself - the point of Creation. It is a symbol which announces that you are currently at a crossroad in between the place you have been and the place you are going. It is a symbol of Chaos – that which is not what it once was but not yet that which it will be.


An analogy of the point of Creation would be likened to the use of sound to create patterns in fine sand (after all, everything exists because of 'vibration'). When a particular tone or frequency is directed beneath a plate of fine sand a certain distinguishable geometric pattern is formed. As the tone is raised to another pitch, note or octave the pattern begins to change with it. In between the two notes (say A and B) there is a moment of chaos where all the sand vibrates with no apparent order or design. Then, as the tone slowly reaches the next note the new pattern begins to form in the sand. When the note is perfect so is the pattern in the sand and there is once again sense and order out of chaos.

The ‘chaos’ is the moment and realm of creation – a moment in which dreams and desires and choices can determine the future and a moment which begs to be resolved in way or another. It is within this chaos that life and existence is born and it is here where 11:11 appears to us in our life-changes.

For those who experience 11:11 there is a deeper and more important purpose than simply announcing when your world is falling apart in order to be rebuilt in a new pattern. 11:11 is very much a signpost that announces both that a change is eminent and that you are also on the right track going to where you need to go; its time to move on, change your pattern or frequency and often this requires changing locations, jobs and sometimes partners. In our personal life the experiences of these changes are also meant to teach us the larger meaning of the symbol - that an ultimate change for the whole world is eminent.

In my early years of experiencing the 11:11 I fought what it was showing me (frankly, I didn't know it was trying to show me anything). Change would come, my world would fall apart and I would find myself in a new job or location or even relationship meeting and exchanging with new people. In the midst of it all was the ever-present 11:11. I always complained, Why Me? Why does my life always seem to be in chaos? Why can’t I just have a normal life, job and career like everyone else? As I grew to learn through observation of such events I became acutely aware that 11:11 was always associated with a personal change. It would announce the coming change and appear often during the change. I would also come to learn that the change was for a specific purpose seemingly orchestrated through a higher order or design, for every new situation I found myself in (regardless of how much I had fought against it) I would very soon learn the 'reason' for why I was there in that place. I learned to recognize the purposes for which I was sent and began looking for them. Eventually, as now, I went with the flow knowing I had no choice in the matter anyway. But for all my resistance and bitching about having my world torn from under me and not getting what I envisioned I wanted, that same 'higher order', would always provide what I was looking for anyway, just in a different way.

Nonetheless, there were very emotional moments, such as when my wife and I divorced, that the appearance of 11:11 created a strong bitter reaction towards it as if it was some living entity. On the night my wife and I parted ways and ended our 9 year marriage I found myself suddenly and inexplicably homeless and living in my Ford Bronco. Our divorce was not a bitter one. We both still loved and respected each other but had simply and irrevocably drifted into two different people wanting two very different things out of life. This in itself is just a natural part of growing and evolving and I knew, too, that something out there had been molding us both for different purposes than what we had thought. Our marriage had served its purpose and were no longer the same people we were when we had met. We knew for a long time that our day of separation was coming. We worked together to pay off the bills and when I left I gave her the home we had built and everything in it. I took only a bag of clothes and my lifetime of writings and journals and left in my Bronco with little fanfare. I had long since made arrangements to move in with a friend who had also recently divorced. But on the night of my own separation he was suddenly called to Cincinnati where his mother had suffered a stroke. He was not coming back and I had no way of getting into the apartment nor was I in a position to take on the lease. I was effectively homeless and, through my own choices, I would remain as such for five years.

As I sat in my truck that cold, snowy January night many memories of my life and marriage flooded back. I was sad that things had not worked out the way we had hoped in the younger days when love was new and we had been so happy and hopeful. I was extremely bitter that 'god' or 'fate' had put me in such a desperate situation when I had been so good to my wife and gave her everything out of love and not contested the divorce for her sake. What was going on and why was I being punished? In the midst of this emotional moment I started up the Bronco to provide heat. The second I did the radio clock blazed 11:11 on the display. Why at that moment? Why did I turn the key on then rather than sixty seconds earlier or later? As I stared at the all to familiar digits burning through the cold darkness into some forgotten memory of my DNA something inside me snapped and, perhaps needing something more tangible than an illusive ‘God’ to blame I lashed out at the number in fury. “What the fuck do you want from me,” I screamed at it. "Why do you fucking haunt me so?". I found my self kicking the stereo display in with my boot heel and cursing as if the 11:11 was a living thing who was trying to drive me insane by subtly placing one obstacle after another in the way of my dreams and goals. The stereo shattered but the radio still worked and display did not break. Its guts hung out awkwardly as a testament to the fact that I was on the verge of a mental breakdown and in that moment I held the 11:11 solely responsible.

But by contrast, it was also in this moment that I reached a major crossroad concerning the 11:11 and my life in general. It suddenly dawned on me that my life was not entirely mine to direct; that something bigger and indefinable was at the helm and while I could walk about the ‘ship’ of my life interacting with passengers and facilities the course was set and I had no idea where it was going. Indeed, looking back over the years since I was sixteen all my life-plans had been altered to point me in some other direction than what I had planned and while I hated the moment of loss I also learned that the ‘new world’ awaiting me was never really bad, just not exactly what I had planned. The next five years of my life led me through an incredible maze of learning and experiencing. The people I met and the magic and power around me in the form of synchronicity and spontaneous messengers and guides and uncanny events further raised me to a higher awareness of reality and the 11:11. I had not simply surrendered my life to the whims of fate - I'm too stubborn for that - but rather, I had come to understand that I was as if a sub-contractor sought out to do a specific job for a specific reason and while I didn't always like getting to the 'job site' the actually job was rewarding. Further, I was being trained every step of the way for more and more difficult jobs ahead. I was a messenger and healer and at the same time a warrior. When I was led into someone's life it was always for a purpose that would soon reveal itself whether to help save their home from demolition, to give advice and direction or simply to pass on a 'message'. But this roll is not just to act as some benevolent good samaritan. Everyone I was led to had something to give me that I was searching for or would need just up ahead on life's road. We were all being directed towards similar lessons and courses - and, I believed, ultimately to an event in 2012. The 'mission', so to speak, is never one sided with me helping and someone receiving. On the contrary, it is always a two way street with them giving something to me in return - something I needed in life either at that moment or to be able to continue onward to the next destination.

Each one of us who experience the 11:11 contain the same genetic consciousness and have the same inner qualities regardless of race or religious influence and each of us live and do what I've been doing - meeting each other, lending a hand, giving advice, championing something or just being relocated to establish our energy and sphere of influence at a particular location on the planet. (My book, '||:|| - A Journey to 2012' elaborates in greater detail these experiences and encounters and the lessons learned from each as well as providing an in-depth understanding of the who we are, where we came from, the Stargate and the lessons life teaches in order to prepare us for 2012).

11:11 was the sign that announced I would be going somewhere unknown and while I had always bitched and blamed it or 'god' for the failure to possess a single dream, I did, from that January night onward, acknowledge 11:11 as a sign that something out there had bigger plans for me and the other people like me than I could realize. After all, I am Starborn. And like all other Starborn I have encountered we all share the same experiences of change in life. Our vibration – our life force and frequency and knowledge and wisdom and compassion are needed in new areas in order to meet new people to exchange with - and we often need those whom we are seemingly sent to help or interact with.

I’ve learned through these experiences and observations in my life that if I happen to come into someone’s life by one of those 'uncanny' situations it is because they are going to experience an unsettling but inescapable change of direction from their current plans, or they are in the midst of it and need help or comfort from the load. Almost always it happens. Also, looking back, I can see that during my times of crisis when chaos seems to rule there had been ‘messengers’ there for me, too. Some who startled me with what they knew of my personal life and where I would be going.

I look at this part of my life now as just a job – a job we were selected to do by genetic design for the betterment of humanity in a post 2012 world. It is a thankless job and filled with no material rewards but rather with rewards of the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done your best - you've changed someone's life for the better - and that for what ever purpose, it is all towards the culmination of some greater event which cannot yet be seen but only guessed at.

11:11 is the sign of Chaos; a moment in life between what was and what will be, where we were and where we are going …or what is needed elsewhere from us. If you see 11:11 no doubt you have experienced very similar events and also see purpose in the patterns that perhaps you just can't put your finger on. It’s mostly a frustrating life but a privately rewarding life when you become aware that there is something bigger and you are a part of it - that life itself and not the things in it - is the true contentment.

However, having said all that flowery stuff - is now a time to mention that we are also hunted? Or that there is a group in humanity who is opposite to us who takes great pleasure in doing away with us? Not to worry. We are also the Hunters - and they fear us.

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