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The People - Robert Smith

Truth is higher than religion and beyond the grasp of science"

Robert Smith

My name is (Rev) Rob Smith B.Theol. and I am one of the few 'publicly profiled' EVP/ITC researchers in Australia. 

I am an active member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena -  www.aaevp.com - currently managed by Tom and Lisa Butler .

I am 61 years in physicality, the eldest of two boys, and live in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a former Uniting Church Minister and Private School Chaplain currently self-employed as a Certified Funeral Celebrant and Grief Counsellor to support my further research into the multidimensional realms of discarnate consciousness.

I am currently attending a Presenter's and Voice-Over Course with Melbourne Radio School  http://www.melbourneradioschool.com/index.html

You may very well ask yourself: 

How could someone with a Bachelor's degree in Theology with a major in Systematic Theology and sub-major in Pastoral Psychology from the Melbourne College of Divinity at Melbourne University, get involved in the seemingly incredulous recording of 'discarnate voices', which - by the way - is totally unrelated to various debilitating mental conditions such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar disease, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and 'Symptomatic Pareidolic Tendency' (SPT). 

It seems years spent assisting and supporting people with their grief and loss issues has created some sort of 'intuitive interface'' or 'resonance' that allows me to receive, record and interpret communications from other realms of existence... I suppose, one could use the term "technological clairaudient" if wanting to employ a metaphysical label for myself.

In my search for further clarification about the origins of these 'strange voices', I 'googled' to the website of the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena - and my heart was 'strangely warmed' (with sincere apologies to John Wesley!) by the so-called "Survival Hypothesis".    

The Survival Hypothesis holds that we are "nonphysical entities who are able to exist in the physical aspect of reality because of our physical body, but that when our physical body dies, we as Self, change our point of view to nonphysical reality." 

For over two decades now, a growing worldwide web movement is gaining momentum among a growing number of people who experience the reality of EVP/ITC  and who themselves have captured extraordinary messages from the realms of unseen worlds. 

These transmissions, often recorded with simple household devices, force us to question our basic notions about life and death and seem to confirm what many of us have dared to believe: we have the means for the dead and other entities to communicate directly with us.

For over a 100 years we have accrued a great deal of empirical evidence from those who have transitioned from the physical state into worlds beyond - and EVP is considered by many today as an 'accepted scientific methodology' for documenting comments and insights from the transitioned.  

ITC/EVP has rapidly outgrown the 'spooky and chilling horror label' as used in supernatural thrillers such as 'White Noise'.

By modern estimates today, there are over seven billion audio and video devices in homes around the world ... and every one of them is a potential portal for transdimensional communication!

And this very minute, thousands of people from many global communities are continuing to record verifiable indisputable objective evidence from relatives and loved ones who have transitioned from our physical state to further dimensional discarnate states of existence 

One common finding among these global groups is the firm understanding that intelligences from unseen dimensions readily communicate with us and are using modern technology to do so.

Thank You for personally visiting this site at www.evp-itc-australia.org and feel free to contact me anytime regarding your own experiences at robevpau1@optusnet.com.au

May our lives continue to transcend our 'mindset' boundaries - and may our journey to wholeness be guided by the hand of Truth ever toward the brightening light of universal consciousness.

"And all shall be well, and all shall be well - and all manner of thing shall be well" Julian of Norwich
"A Bishop once said that religion is like a swimming pool, all the noise is at the shallow end.

This applies equally to most beliefs. Many infatuated with the hyped up cults and fads so enthusiastically followed by many today would perhaps do well to bear in mind the swimming pool analogy.

In the world of the paranormal it is also all too easy, as we excitedly splash about on the sea shore, to lose sight of the vast spiritual ocean right in front of us.

Only in the Deep, in the depths of the Spirit, is there true peace and awareness of the eternity of which we are all a part."

Alice Lloyd 2006
"To have a unique, distinct and defining ‘soul experience’ is the objective of the human journey" - rob smith

April 8, 2006 - Host: Lia Ramses
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Robert Smith shares his investigations into EVP.
Note: This interview is has the distinction of being the very first interview / show on the Underworld program!
Dec 30 , 2006 - Host: Lia Ramses
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Robert Smith discusses his excellent work into EVP and ITC.
Note: Lia ends the first year (2006) of Underworld Show with Robert Smith - who was Underworld's very first interview!



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